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 This is my new favorite bar in the world and I can not wait to go back again!!!!

-Ari K., Miami, FL

 I'll take a mellow afternoon or evening at the Kava bar anytime!!! I do adore this place. The vibe is fantastic and I love the feeling of drifting off with the music while the Kava relaxes my senses. If you've been curious about stopping by, I say definitely give it a go.

-Gloria G., Miami, FL

 You know those nights that you want to go out yet chill at home? This is the place for that. Come to this tropic get away by yourself or with some friends. A piece of quiet jungle within the heart of Hollywood.

-Arsham G., Hollywood, FL

 I really loved this place everyone was SUPER friendly and very nice and informative the atmosphere was amazing, beautiful decor! I will go back ;)

-Elisabeth O., Dearborn, MI

 I've only been here for the Kava, and I must say this place offers quite a unique experience. The energy in the space is super mellow. I came here with a friend visiting from Chicago - we were impressed with novelty of this place. We met the new owner, Lah, and the bartender, Cheiron. Both of them were genuine and welcoming. I think this place is an asset to North Park. It's a definite must-see on my list of 'things in San Diego to show out of town guests.

-Jeremy B., San Diego, CA

 Awesome vibes... Real kava, games, open mic, music, yoga. Love this place

-Pc M., Fort Lauderdale, FL

 The kava juice is healing and delicious, relaxing everything in your mind and body.

-Geoffrey M., Hollywood, FL

 The bartender gave us the earthy background story about the kava root and how it comes from a Pacific plant native to the Fiji Islands. I thought that was pretty cool... somehow, over the centuries, humans always seem to find a way to locate a plant that has the power to alter our sensations. I was standing on the shoulders of the kava giants.

-Rachele S., Hollywood, FL

 This place is such a gem!! It's hippy, has good vibes, and amazing bartenders. It's very eclectic and they serve a special Kava flavor everyday....the strawberry one is amazing. I've been here about a dozen times and it's almost like walking into a dark forest inside as there is a tree that comes out from the bar.

-Alisha P., Fort Lauderdale, FL

 This is a true hidden gem. The kava experience is a unique one and the drink relaxes and soothes your nerves like nothing you have ever tried. The atmosphere is spectacular like nothing you've ever seen. It looks like a rain forest inside. Don't miss this place. It is really incredible.

-Dale B., Hollywood, FL

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